Download Sony PSP Custom Firmware 3.95 GEN

*3.95 PSP Custom Firmware Update* – you may now download the CFW 3.95, please download the PSP firmware at the bottom of this post. The new Sony PSP CFW 3.95 GEN will be available to download for Sony Playstation Portable very soon. According to qj, developer assure that 3.95 GEN is functional and the latest […]

Patapon PSP

Pitter Patter Pata Patapon It’s a quarter to three in the morning, my neglected puppy is whining for its dinner (about seven hours overdue) and my eyeballs are this close to falling out of their sockets. Still, it does not stop me from continuing one last mission (or so I said three missions ago!) of […]

PSP Game Kratos of the Chains of Olympus

PSP Game God of War: Chains of Olympus – Kratos Restores Light to the PSP The God of War is a firm favorite among fans who love hack-and-slash games and is famous for its gruesome death scenes. It was released in the PS2 platform years ago and due to the endless requests and support from […]