Mario Kart DS

I am a shameless Mario fan and everyone knows it based on the amount of money I’ve spent on merchandise featuring the roly poly and mustachioed Italian plumber along with his lanky sibling. Naturally, one cannot be a fan of the Mario Brothers if he or she does not favor the Nintendo gaming consoles too. Growing up, I collected and played on various Nintendo consoles, from the trusty SNES and the entertaining GameCube to my most recent acquisition, a Polar White DS Lite.


I was overjoyed to discover the Mario Kart DS game, one of the first few ones that boast of integrated online play over the DS multiplayer network. This amusing game is a must-have for all Mario fans and virtually everyone will enjoy racing against one another while leaving behind unpleasant surprises such as slippery banana peels, mean-looking red shells and devastating thunder bolts for their opponents. While I find the single player mode infused with 32 varying races and 3 different stages that come in 50cc, 100cc and 150cc difficulties, it is the multiplayer game play that satisfies me most.

The game might look simple but it is far from being child’s play. Circuits are easy to navigate around but it is your own kart that demands more control. From speed and acceleration to the choice of characters, everything plays an important role and will determine if you will emerge victor or loser. I like how the map lays out not only my position in the race, but also shows my rivals as well as any traps or power-ups lying about the circuit.

Overall, this is an easy game to master and you’ll enjoy hours upon hours of go-karting fun. This Mario Kart DS game is for keeps!

181 thoughts on “Mario Kart DS

  1. Can you please send me the instructions on how t download the games?

    Thank you very big!


  2. Hi, could you please send me Mario Cart and any other Mario related games. It would be really appriciated. Kind regards and thanks.


  3. this is absolute bullshit. Look at the amount of people who asked for help to download this game, but yet the jackass owner of this website has refused to respond. such a pussy


  4. Can I get the website on how to download free games for ds, my daughter loves this game.


  5. plz teach me hw to download nds game and from which site can i download games


  6. I just received a nds lite for christmas and no games came with it for some weird reason so I wanted to get mario bros and animal crossing but do not know how to get the links. If u could, could you please email the links to any mario bros and also to animal crossing. Thank you!


  7. i am wondering my children really want to have mario cart how do i download please ?????


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