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Pitter Patter Pata Patapon

psp game patapon It’s a quarter to three in the morning, my neglected puppy is whining for its dinner (about seven hours overdue) and my eyeballs are this close to falling out of their sockets. Still, it does not stop me from continuing one last mission (or so I said three missions ago!) of Patapon, one of the most incredulously addictive PSP games of all time.

Besides boasting of an unusual game play, Patapon is also great eye candy for those who are tired of games proclaiming that their “cutting-edge 3D graphics” is the best there is. Patapon is not that, and in a way because this game is uniquely classified for its unpretentious tone and manner. There are also two other reasons to play this game: Loco Roco and Rolito. Loco Roco is a PSP game done in a similar style although in a different genre, and was also a product of Japan Studios that developed Patapon. Rolito on the other hand, is French genius whose artistry brought the cute little eyeballs to life in Patapon.

Patapon is a rhythm-cum-RTS game where you command your own army of cute talking drums by pressing the square (pata), circle (pon), triangle (chaka) and ‘x’ (don) buttons. Varying combos must be created to order your troops to perform attacking or defending moves.

Patapon Minigames

There are various unlockable mini games in Patapon. To get the mini cooking game and mountain game, you need to acquire the Gashapon hat on the 17th mission and the Kimpon hat on mission 14 respectively. My preferred mini game would be the tree mini game which can begotten once I obtain the Pakapon hat on the 2nd mission.

Download Patapon PSP Game here.  Just look for the download link.

download patapon psp

37 thoughts on “Patapon PSP

  1. hahaha whata scam wheres the download man


    jd Reply:

    its just on top of the screenshots written by red colour.:)


  2. me i see it .dont you see the download patapon psp game here(here is the highilihted word hte color is orange) me i downloaded it ,it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. You guys are dumb…

    the very last sentence says “Download Patapon PSP Game here. Just look for the download link.”

    “here.” is in orange…you click it…it takes you to the site where you can get the file. It’s called a LINK… It’s really not that hard…


    Now… are we supposed to get this from Media Manager and then put it on our psp????


  5. hey im downloading it right now it seems to be a little to low on memory to be a full game


  6. how 2 down load the patapon 1 n 2?
    i don noe…
    pls teach me…
    i wanna play


  7. some white guy,download and install the ultraiso program he will automatickli
    make an iso folder instead of a rar folder


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